Employee Benefits

TPA Services for the Employer

  • Enrollment Process
  • Claim Adjudication
  • Medical Claims Management
  • Compliance Specialists
  • Stop-Loss Partnerships
  • Stop-Loss Filing
  • Reporting
  • Employee Benefits Statements
  • COBRA/HIPAA Administration
  • PPO Selections
  • Summary Plan Description
  • Plan Document Preparation

Products for the Employee

  • Group Life
  • Group Short Term Disability
  • Group Long Term Disability
  • Tax Advantaged Plans
  • Group Dental
  • Voluntary Group Life
  • Voluntary Group Disability
  • Group Vision Plans

Consulting Services

Retirement Consulting

Core Benefits, Inc. has an extensive inventory of national vendor relationships that assist in the management, administration and recordkeeping of Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans.

For each employer to arrive at the appropriate retirement plan we have a proven track record of available techniques:

  • Set Employee & Plan Objectives
  • Employee Educational Meetings
  • Web Site access
  • Annual Performance Reviews
  • Compliance Checklists

Our experience can assure the clients of maximum results in aligning themselves with these strategies for success.

Benefits Consulting

Each employer is going to continue to realize an increasing cost for benefit programs. The primary catalyst forcing costs are:

  • Increasing claims cost
  • Increasing claims utilization
  • Prescription drug utilization
  • Continued losses in the insurance industry

To protect against this momentum employers are going to have to take a very hard look at redistribution of shared expenses. There are a couple of new ideas on the horizon, however, the Department of Labor has yet to issue final regulations on many of these creative alternatives. We expect to stay informed of all aspects of client related cost containment plans. Core Benefits will be set to usher our clients through the myriad of choices ahead.

Business Planning

Business Owners

Business Overhead Expense: If a disability strikes the owner or a shareholder, are you prepared to pay the ongoing business expenses?

Benefits of the Overhead Policy: Helps meet routine business expenses and allows the business to remain open. Assures creditors, customers and employees of business continuity. Premiums are tax-deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

Disability Buy-Out: Would your business survive if you or one of your partners were to become disabled and were completely unable to work?

Benefits of a Disability Buy-Out Policy:

  • Assures a definite price under mutual conditions
  • Creates an automatic market for the business
  • Business control retained by active owners
  • Assures that funds are available to execute the purchase

Corporate Executives

Key Man Insurance: What would happen to your business if one of your executive officers were to die? Are you in a position to capitalize the loss of time, the recruiting process to replace the executive, the additional salary that may be required to replace the executive?

We can assist you in evaluating and covering these risks.

Other owner and executive benefits would include but not be limited to:

  • Dual Benefit Plans
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Split Dollar Plans
  • Buy-Sell Planning
  • Exit Strategies for Business Owners
  • Salary Continuation Plans